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The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain

The Club was founded on 23rd November 1930 after the London to Brighton Emancipation Run of that year. Three participants, S.C.H. (Sammy) Davis, J.A.(Jackie) Masters and Capt. J.H. Wylie gathered in the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton and decided to form a Club for the cars which took part on that historic event, commemorating The Birth of Motoring in Britain in 1896; and so The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain was born. The Club later extended its remit to include motor cars built before 1919. The Club is dedicated to the preservation of early motor cars, and is believed to be the oldest Club of this type in the world.


Today the VCC has well in excess of one thousand members in countries throughout the world. The Club prides itself on originality and provenance of members motor cars, and this is supported by probably the best library in the world dedicated to the period from the Dawn of Motoring up to and including The Great War. This is housed in the Club’s superb premises in Ashwell, Hertfordshire, some 40 miles north of London.


Club members use their vehicles extensively on all manner of events and displays. Many can be seen regularly on Television and in films -  from  current series such as “Mr Selfridge” and “Downton Abbey” to well known war films such as “Aces High” and not forgetting  the famous “Genevieve”, the 1953 story of a London to Brighton Run that  turned into a blockbuster and sparked old car fever in Britain.

"The Great War Centenary Parade" and its Western Front counterpart "The British Expeditionary Force" have no commercial sponsorship. All the funds required to put on these "Not for Profit" commemorative events have generously come from the members themselves.

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